Welcome to The Professional Mentoring Scheme

‌Mentoring is:
“a helping relationship based on an exchange of knowledge, experience and goodwill.  

Mentors help someone less experienced gain confidence, clearer purpose, insight, and wisdom. 
In developmental mentoring, the Mentor too, is changed by the relationship.” (David Clutterbuck)


Developed as a result of a successful pilot, the Professional Mentoring Scheme is a new initiative at the University of Sunderland.

It is designed to help our students develop the work related skills they need to have successful graduate careers. We do this by pairing our students with professionals from local organisations across a variety of different sectors and backgrounds.mentoring-mpu-animated.gif

The Scheme draws upon the knowledge and experience of employers and employees who volunteer their time as Professional Mentors to help develop the student's knowledge and understanding of a working environment and how they can implement what they learn on their degree into working practice.

Through a series of one-to-one mentoring sessions over the course of the year, our students will be able to learn about the attributes and skills that you have developed over your time of employment that they will need to demonstrate in the world of work as and when they start their career.

By taking part and becoming a Professional Mentor you are supporting the development of a student and their employability characteristics ensuring a pool of work ready future employees.

"This is very different from talking to business who have a specific problem to solve. I have been able to share my experience, help with life skills and use my own networks to help my Mentee.
You realise you have a whole range of knowledge and wonder how it might be of use to other. In fact, I've found that it is useful and people can benefit from it."- Steve Dennis, Professional Mentor, Dennis Associates