Euro-Schulen-Organisation (ESO)

Formed in 1966 as a language school ESO has grown into a 100 member organisation engaging 50,000 students, more than 2000 permanent staff and a further 3000 part time academic/teaching staff. Located in all major German Cities ESO supports a broad range of University, vocational and training programmes including languages. ESO has also developed a comprehensive range of state approved  private University institutions through its Munich Business School, International School of Management – ISM and EBC University centres. In addition ESO supports two International Business School’s (IBS) dedicated to professional qualifications and offering high levels of work placement and language development.

We have been collaborating with various EBC Colleges and IBS School’s across a number of cities in Germany since 2005/06 where we offer our BA Business Management (top up) programme in conjunction with professional management and business diploma programmes. In 2010 ESO and the University offered German students the opportunity to split their qualification with a semester in the UK and a semester in Germany.


Euro Business College, Berlin

Euro Business College, Bielefeld

Euro Business College, Bonn

Euro Business College, Dresden

Euro Business College, Dusseldorf

Euro Business College, Hamburg

International School of Management, Munchen

International Business School, Lippstadt

International Business School Nurnberg