Mooting and Debating Society

The Mooting and Debating Society (MaD) is an extra curricular opportunity for you to practice your legal advocacy skills.  MaD develops group work skills, the skill of argument, the skill of making reasoned judgements and self-confidence.

The group meets regularly in our dedicated moot court. The moot acts as an opportunity to present a legal argument before a judge (usually a lecturer or member of the society) and the moot is usually a performance before the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal. It gives students an opportunity to apply the knowledge you will gain in your lectures, seminars and workshops into a real life scenario.

We have an Annual Internal Mooting Competition, which all students are encouraged to enter. The winners are presented with the competition shield and their names engraved upon it. This resides on the moot court wall so that future years of students can see your achievements. Our students also regularly enter external mooting competitions including the OUP/BPP National Mooting Competition and the ESU-Essex Court Chambers National Mooting Competition. Our mooters have gone on to take part in international mooting competitions as part of their Legal Practice Course (LPC).

The debating aspect of the group takes the form of a British Parliamentary debate, just like you might see in the House of Commons and consists of two teams arguing for or against a motion.