Dr Peter Hayes

Job Title Senior Lecturer
Faculty Faculty of Education and Society
Research Group Culture and Regional Studies
Location Priestman
City Campus
Contact Details Telephone: 0191 5152243
Email: peter.hayes@sunderland.ac.uk


Peter has studied Politics in Britain and Political Science in the USA. He joined the staff at the University of Sunderland in 1993.



Research Interests

Political Theory; Ideology; Adoption Policy; History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine.

Active in media discussions of adoption policy, and of science and politics.

Recent Projects/Current Work

ESRC, Grant Ref:  RES-000-22-1840 : ‘Intercountry adoption: a comparative analysis of its effect on domestic adoption’, 2006-9.
Japan Foundation Endowment Committee,  Grant No. 160, 'The adoption of mixed-background children in Japan', 2001.

Teaching and Supervision

Politics, History

PhD Supervision:
Dr Mary Abigaba Poche 'The Democratization of Post Independence Uganda under a No-Party System 1986-2006: Challenges and Lessons’, 2011
Dr Ferhana Hashem ‘Bengali identity and the politics of partition’, 2004.
Dr Robert McGee ‘A liberal theory of secession’, 2003.

Number of items: 21.


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Book Section

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