Graduation Ceremonies


The University of Sunderland's Graduation Ceremonies are formal celebrations of the achievements of our graduating students - a special occasion for students to share with their families.

The ceremonies are held four times a year, twice a year in Sunderland and twice a year in London, lasting approximately 90 minutes.

The Sunderland Summer ceremony (July) is an outdoor event, therefore graduates and guests should dress accordingly to the weather conditions.

For information and booking details for your ceremony, please click on the relevant button below. If you are unsure which venue you will be attending, please refer to your email invitation.


Ceremonies in Sunderland click here



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The Graduation Ceremonies are also an occasion to recognise those people who have made an outstanding contribution to public life or have excelled in their chosen fields. The University honours these people with honorary doctorates and fellowships.

All the ceremonies are presided over by the University Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. The University Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor follow the procession party out at the start of each ceremony and congratulate each graduate on stage. Also in the procession party are Deans of Faculties, Heads of Academic Departments, University Governors, Honorary recipients and Honorary Graduates and Fellows.