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Part-time and Distance Learning

For some people, learning is a stepping stone to a new career, while others study to broaden their horizons and gain personal satisfaction. However, juggling work and family commitments means it is often difficult to study full-time.

At Sunderland, we offer a huge range of part-time courses, so you can fit your learning around your other commitments.

Part-time study options include evenings, Saturdays, occasional block weeks or studying one or two days midweek alongside full-time students.

You can study part-time for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. You can also study part-time at a foundation, certificate or diploma level.

Distance Learning

A number of our part-time courses are available to study via distance learning.

Distance learning typically involves accessing study materials online and communicating with academic and administrative staff via email and phone.

You may be required to attend occasional study sessions on campus, but in most cases you will study independently at a pace agreed with your academic tutor.

Combining study and work

Employers are generally very positive about their staff studying part-time. Workers who take the initiative to improve their skills invariably become more valuable to their employers, thanks to their increased knowledge, improved analytical and communication skills and broader networks.

Many of our part-time students have not only the emotional backing but also the financial support of their employers. Employers know they can trust the University of Sunderland's reputation for combining academic rigour with practical skills, and so they feel confident investing in their employees.

BA (Hons) Applied Management

One of our most popular part-time courses is the BA (Hons) Applied Management. The teaching takes place on Saturdays, which means you can continue working full-time while studying for a potentially life-changing qualification.

Click here to find out more about the BA (Hons) Applied Management course and read the experiences of other part-time students on the course.

Students' stories

You may also want to read about the experiences of students who have taken other part-time undergraduate courses at Sunderland:

Beverley Haines studied part-time for a BA (Hons) Illustration and Design while also working as a mental health therapist and caring for two children.


Gillian Hanson and her two daughters Julie and Gemma all took part-time teaching courses to develop their social care company.


Julie Smiles was impressed by Sunderland's flexibility - she combined part-time and full-time study over a four-year period.

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