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The University is overseen by a Board of Governors consisting of independent members, as well as staff and student representatives. Advice to the Board of Governors is provided by the University Secretary and Director of Human Resources in her role as Clerk to the Board of Governors. The Governance team assist the Clerk to the Board of Governors in the provision of advice and guidance to the Board of Governors and constituent committees.

The Board of Governors is the body which oversees the operation of the University by the Vice Chancellor and the other members of the Executive Team. The Board of Governors formally agree the strategic direction of the University and are responsible for formally approving the Annual Accounts.  

Learn more about the Board of Governors in our Help and Advice article, or view their profiles below.

Our Board of Governors

  1. John Mowbray

    John Mowbray OBE, DL

    Chair of Board of Governors
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  2. Derek Curtis

    Derek Curtis

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  3. Margaret Fay

    Margaret Fay CBE DL

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  4. Paul Feechan

    Paul Feechan

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  5. Sue Forster

    Sue Forster

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  6. Dean Fraser

    Dean Fraser

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  7. Farooq Hakim

    Farooq Hakim

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  8. Umesh Patel

    Umesh Patel MBE

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  9. Sean Percival

    Sean Percival

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  10. Alison Thain

    Alison Thain OBE

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  11. Ian Kershaw

    Ian Kershaw

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  12. Diana Tretjak

    Diana Tretjack

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  13. David Land

    David Land

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  14. Steve Walton

    Steve Walton

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  15. Linda Williams

    Cllr Linda Williams

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  16. Diane Stevens

    Diane Stevens

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