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Priorities for 2022-23

How we aim to increase equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout the University of Sunderland throughout 2022-23.

Every year the University of Sunderland strives to improve our promotion and support of diversity, equality, inclusion, and social responsibility.

For 2022-23, faculties and teams across the University have events, plans, and initiatives in place to do this.

  • Mainstreaming inclusion into the University’s strategic and planning agenda.
  • Compliance with legal obligations including public sector equality duty.
  • Promoting a culture of mutual respect by working towards a fair and inclusive community.
  • Involving staff, students and other stakeholders in the development and delivery of our equality, diversity and inclusion aims and priorities.

  • Having effective student and staff equality profile data analysis that informs our actions by gathering, analysing and monitoring our staff and student profile.
  • Ensuring student and staff support services, learning and teaching, buildings, facilities and media are, as far as reasonably possible, accessible to all.
  • Promoting a culture of mutual respect by working towards a fair and inclusive community and providing strategies to prevent discrimination, harassment or victimisation.
  • Ensuring that staff are equipped with the appropriate skills and knowledge on equality, diversity and inclusion matters.

  • Increasing the successful inclusion of staff from all equality strands at the University.
  • Promoting our equality, diversity and inclusion values and the Single Equality Scheme through internal and external communications.
  • Ensuring that all contractors and service providers operating on behalf of the University are aware of our equality policy and are able to adhere to it.
  • Ensuring implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Single Equality Scheme and Annual Action Plan.

Contact us

We welcome feedback on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Responsibility.

Please contact our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, justine.gillespie@sunderland.ac.uk or,
the Student Union LGBTQ+ Officer at yoursu@sunderland.ac.uk