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Alan Charlesworth

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Senior Lecturer

I have been involved in what is now referred to as digital marketing as a practitioner, consultant, writer, trainer and educator since 1996 and have also taught, advised organisations and written about the phenomenon commonly known as the Digital Transformation, a subject that transcends marketing into all aspects of business and management.

Teaching and supervision

I teach on the following courses and modules:

I also supervise students on PGBM16, the MBA dissertation project and act as personal tutor to Year 2 and 3 students.


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Further publications:
  • Digital Marketing: a Practical Approach (2018) is the 3rd edition of this book which is used as a teaching aid all around the world.
  • Social Media Marketing: Marketing Panacea or the Emperor’s New Digital Clothes? (2018). This book has been included in the Harvard Business Publishing Education website, see the story on Passing the Harvard test.

I have written the following articles for the School of Business, Law and Tourism’s blog, including:

For more information, see ‘my background in all things digital’.

Last updated 26 June 2020

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