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Bernie Murphy

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Senior Lecturer

My main areas of research are in the fields of wireless communications and network simulations. I make sure that the two are related so that students get an overall experience of these rapidly growing fields. I have researched extensively the development and integration of wireless technology and land based systems. These include 4G, LTE, WIMAX and VOIP.

Teaching and supervision

I currently support the Level 3 module Software Engineering and Enterprise Project. This is a common module that all Level 2 students undertake and has a diverse approach to the material delivered. It enables the students to obtain a comprehensive grasp of what is expected in Software Engineering and how modern practices have changed how companies operate.

I also support the Level 3 module Telecommunications in which we develop a key understanding of how the Internet has changed how the traditional telephone system operates and is rapidly moving to an era where all communications will be Internet based, particularly in the field of Voice Over IP (VOIP).

I am Programme Leader for MSc Telecommunications Engineering and Module Leader for Wireless Communications and Network Simulations. In these modules, we examine the rapidly growing field of communications with emphasis being placed on wireless technologies and how they are being integrated into the fixed land based system.

I supervise a number of various master’s projects within the telecommunications field where the students embark on a major piece of research and practical work to develop solutions for industry based clients to enable real-time engineering solutions to be implemented.

Wireless communications and network simulations.

I have always had a keen interest in travel. My first career was as a Seagoing Marine Engineer. This developed me on a personal level as well as on a technical level. It showed me the importance of working in small coherent and structured teams that could solve problems when they arose so that the vessel could function as required.

I then moved on to work for GEC Telecommunications where I was responsible for the design and implementation of Application Specific Integrated circuits. These were used to control applications within the telephone handset as well as control applications such as audio conferencing. This was challenging work as it required the product to be delivered in very tight timescales and to budget.

I believe that Transnational Education is a core feature of our business at the University and should not be underestimated. Between the years of 1997 and 2003, I was Programme Leader for HND Telecommunications which was a joint venture between the University and Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO). This was taught on site at BATELCO headquarters in Bahrain. I was also Centre of the Microcentre in Bahrain looking after a number of our programmes being delivered there.

I am currently Centre Leader for TEG in Singapore. They run a number of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This involves producing schedules and ensuring that resources are available to enable them to do this effectively. I regularly visit the centre to ensure all aspects of programme delivery and operational requirements are being met, and meet with staff and students so that they feel part of the University community.

Last updated 16 October 2019

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