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Dr Jeffrey Sarmiento

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Reader in Glass

Artistic practice-based research in creative glass, with a thematic focus on contemporary ethnicity and a material focus on innovative approaches to combining image, kilnforming and digital fabrication in glass.

I am an Artistic Director, developing conferences, curating and jurying exhibitions and masterclasses with National Glass Centre, North Lands Creative Glass, Ebeltoft Glass Museum and other partners.

I am also leader of National Glass Centre Research, focused on development of critical dialogues in glass art field, developing networks internationally to display, practice and encourage critical debate and writing.

I am engaged in Centre for Doctoral Training with Northumbria University.

Teaching and supervision

  • Module Leader of Art and Design History and Key Themes in Glass and Ceramics.
  • Tutor for MA Glass and Ceramics, print for glass and ceramics.
  • Director of Studies for postgraduate research students.

Research interests for potential research students

  • Print and glass
  • Contemporary glass practice
  • Critical writing in craft/glass/ceramics


Encapsulating narratives of ethnicity in glass artworks is the focus of my creative practice-based research. Combining concepts with process, my approach blends responses to ethnic contexts with techniques for embedding the graphic image in glass. Using cultural contexts as specific sites, collaboration with cultural communities and museum collections inform artworks that are metaphorical and literal lenses through which to view culture. Techniques of glass printing, waterjet cutting and kilnforming are combined in unique ways to create glass artworks.


Number of items: 32.


Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2019) Graphic Swim: 2D and 3D printing in glass Casting. MDPI Arts, 8 (29). ISSN 2076-0752

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2019) Freedom of Assembly. Glass Quarterly (154). pp. 26-33. ISSN 1064-900X

Panneels, Inge and Sarmiento, Jeffrey Ethno/Graphic Glass; The Liverpool Map. The International Journal of the Arts in Society. ISSN 1833-1866 (Submitted)

Book Section

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2018) Interior Vistas and Crafted Subversions. In: Under an Equal Sky. Baldwin and Guggisberg, Canterbury, UK, pp. 19-37. ISBN 978-1-9164385-0-7

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2017) Tension, Technology, Tradition, Transcendence: Perspectives on Young Glass. In: Young Glass. Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, pp. 30-35. ISBN 978-87-91179-29-7

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2016) European Glass Context (exhibition). In: European Glass Context 2016. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. ISBN 978-87-7830-397-4

Livingstone, Andrew, Petrie, Kevin, Sarmiento, Jeffrey and Watkinson, Cate (2015) ‘Real World Student Experience at Masters level in Art and Design: Case Studies from Glass and Ceramics’. In: Masters Level Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Issues in Design and Delivery. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781137399366


Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2011) Ode on a Maori Paddle: Ethno/Graphic Glass Art Practice. Discussion Paper. Museum Ethnographers Group.

Conference or Workshop Item

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2019) Co Lab Workshop: Print Mashup. In: Co Lab Workshop: Print Mash Up, 19-22 February 2019, Whanganui, New Zealand.

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2018) Glassworks Symposium. In: Glassworks Symposium, 9 November 2018, Bristol. (Unpublished)

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2018) Cut and Paste: Just Glass Seminar. In: Cut and Paste Just Glass Seminar, 20 October 2018, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Sarmiento, Jeffrey, Panneels, Inge, Cook, Jane and Cutler, Vanessa (2018) The Glass Path and the Visual Culture of Glass: What Does All This Glass “Do” in the World, Anyway? In: The Glass Path, 47th Annual Conference, May 16-19, 2018, Murano, Italy.

Sarmiento, Jeffrey and Marshall, J (2017) ‘Crafting Conductive Circuits and Capacitive Surfaces in Glass’. Making Futures Vol. 5., Plymouth: Plymouth College of Art. ISSN 2042-1664. In: Making Futures international research conference, 21-22 Sep 2017, Mount Edgcumbe House, Plymouth, UK.

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2009) Thick with Images. In: BeCon 2009, Jun 2009, Portland State University campus, Bullseye Glass Factory, Bullseye Gallery, Bullseye Resource Center, and various local kiln-glass studios.


Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2011) Graphic Glass: Development of creative approaches to expressions of ethnicity. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.


Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2018) Figures. [Artefact]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2018) Encyclopaedia (Warp). [Artefact]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2016) Confluence (Public Artwork). [Artefact]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2015) Tobacco Factory (Artwork). [Artefact]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2015) Flitter (Artwork). [Artefact]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2014) Muscles- shown in 'UK Glass' exhibition. [Artefact]

Panneels, Inge and Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2011) Liverpool Map (glass sculpture). [Artefact]

Panneels, Inge and Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2011) Liverpool Map glass work. [Artefact]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey and Dickson, Erin (2011) Emotional Leak (artwork). [Artefact]


Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2018) Rubber Factory, in Art of Glass Group Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2013) Constructions Solo exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2012) Books and Buildings Solo Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2012) International glass prize 2012. [Show/Exhibition]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2011) Dual Nature: Contemporary Glass and Jewelry. [Show/Exhibition]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2011) Invisible Cities Group Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2009) Ossify (Sunderland Museum Commission). [Show/Exhibition]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2008) Translations Solo Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

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  • Glass and print
  • Waterjet cutting 
  • Critical studies in glass and ceramics

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