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Engineering Staff Profiles

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  1. Helen Scott

    Helen Scott

    Research Fellow in Human Factors
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  2. David Baglee

    David Baglee

    Head of School of Engineering
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  3. Peter Usher

    Peter Usher

    Senior Lecturer in Engineering
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  4. Zunaidi Bin Ibrahim

    Zunaidi Bin Ibrahim

    Senior Research Fellow in Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing
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  5. Ismail Abubakar

    Ismail Abubakar

    Senior Research Fellow
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  6. Kenneth Robson

    Kenneth Robson

    Senior Lecturer in Manufacturing and Advanced Maintenance
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  7. Vahid Hassani

    Vahid Hassani

    Research Fellow
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  8. Mike Knowles

    Mike Knowles

    Senior Lecturer in Engineering
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  9. Panagiotis Karagiannidis

    Panagiotis Karagiannidis

    Senior Lecturer in Engineering
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  10. Dave Knapton

    Dave Knapton

    Principal Lecturer
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  11. Adrian Morris

    Adrian Morris

    Manufacturing Specialist
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  12. Sue Oakes

    Sue Oakes

    Senior Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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  13. Hamid Ahmad Mehrabi

    Hamid Ahmad Mehrabi

    Associate Professor
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  14. Ian Ridley

    Ian Ridley

    Senior Lecturer in Project Management
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  15. Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas

    Senior Lecturer
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  16. Walter Ditch

    Walter Ditch

    Senior Lecturer
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  17. Nida Naveed

    Nida Naveed

    Programme Leader for Automotive Engineering
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  18. Derek Dixon

    Derek Dixon

    Principal Lecturer and Team Leader in Engineering
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