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Senior Lecturer in Engineering

I am a Senior Lecturer within the Faculty of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing. My current research interests are primarily in the areas of mathematical modelling of engineering systems, system identification and control of industrial processes, and numerical optimization. I also have a background in robotics and teleoperator control, with a particular interest in force control.

I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Newcastle University (BSc and PhD) and Durham University (MEng). I am also a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (CEng, MIMechE), and an Associate Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (AMIMA).

Teaching and supervision

I teach the following subjects, across different levels of the BEng suite of programmes:

    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
    • Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD)

      I am also involved in supervising final year projects.

Research interests for potential research students

  • Mathematical modelling of engineering systems
  • System identification and control of industrial processes
  • Numerical optimization
  • Robotics and teleoperator control
  • Force control and force feedback in teleoperation
  • Fuzzy logic control, neuro-fuzzy systems


Number of items: 15.


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Book Section

Bhagat, Kiran, Wermter, Stefan and Burn, Kevin (2009) Hybrid Learning Architecture for Unobtrusive Infrared Tracking Support. In: IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2008. IJCNN 2008. (IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence). IEEE, 2703- 2709. ISBN 9781424418206

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Conference or Workshop Item

Yau, Chi-Yung, Burn, Kevin and Wermter, Stefan (2010) Configuring the stochastic helmholtz machine for subcortical emotional learning. In: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2010), 18-23 Jul 2010, Barcelona, Spain.

Yau, Chi-Yung, Burn, Kevin and Wermter, Stefan (2008) A Neural Wake-Sleep Learning Architecture for Associating Robotic Facial Emotions. In: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence(IJCCN 2008), 1-8 June 2008, Hong Kong.

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