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John Mooney FFPH

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Expert for press contact

Senior Lecturer in Public Health

Having gained Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health through completing accredited training and membership exams in 2009, I combine my teaching and research interests with working part-time with the public health consultant team at Sunderland City Council. Having worked at the Universities of Edinburgh and Sheffield, my principle areas of interest have been in policy interventions to tackle chronic disease risk factors such as obesity and alcohol misuse.

Teaching and supervision

I am currently the programme lead for MSc Public Health on which I contribute to and run two modules, Epidemiology for Public Health and Applied Public Health. I also teach on the BSc Public Health programme (Introduction to Epidemniology and Health Improvement). I supervise BSc, MSc, MPharm and co-supervise several PhD students.

Research interests for potential research students

  • Local alcohol policies
  • Obesity prevention
  • Workplace interventions
  • Evaluation of public health programmes and policies


My current specialist area of reserach is in local alcohol policies aimed at alcohol harm prevention which has been the subject of two recent competititively awarded research grants, on which I have been principle investigator. Thanks in part to these projects and the related work of colleagues, we are building regional and national links as well as a growing reputation for high impact research in this area, feeding into national policy debates and Govermnent published guidance documents. I am also interested in local and national public health policies around obesity prevention and in effectiveness evaluations of both obesity prevention and alcohol harm reduction policies and programmes.


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Conference or Workshop Item

Gebresilasie, Wondu, Mooney, John and Ling, Jonathan (2019) Investigating inequality in childhood immunization coverage in Ethiopia using Lorenz curve derived Gini-coefficients. In: WSPID 2019, 5-8 November, Manila. (Unpublished)

Gordon, Isabel, Hall, Nicola, Mooney, John, Newbury-Birch, Dorothy and Ling, Jonathan (2019) Screening and referral of young people into an alcohol misuse programme in North East England: a qualitative evaluation. In: KBS Annual Conference 2019 hosted in Utrecht, 3-7 June 2019, Utrecht. (Submitted)

Ihedike, Christabel, Price, Monica and Mooney, John (2018) The Effect of Photochemical Smog on Respiratory Health Patients in Abuja Nigeria: 11th International Conference on Air Quality: Science & Application: Barcelona 12th-16th March 2018. In: 11th International Conference on Air Quality Science and Application, 12-16 Mar 2018, Barcelona. (Unpublished)

Hall, Nicola, Sattar, Zeibeda, Mooney, John and Ling, Jonathan (2017) The feasibility of providing alcohol brief advice across different community settings in the UK. In: KBS Annual Conference, 2017, Sheffield.

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My main areas of expertise overlap substantially with my reserarch interests and include obesity prevention and public health interventions to reduce population level alcohol harms. I also have a pro-active interest in the wider communication of public health messages and to this end have written articles and blog posts, as well as performing 'public health stand-up comedy' including performances at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, as well as in my city of origin (Glasgow) and throughout the UK. Some examples of my wider public engagement work are:

1. A Prescription for tackling riskier drinking: FUSE Open Science Blog, Jan 2017.

2. Should Nanny be in charge of the tuck-shop (and off-licence)? FUSE Open Science Blog, Jan 2016.

3. A Munich alcohol gathering with a difference: FUSE Open Science Blog, June 2015.

Most recent public health stand-up gig (on alcohol policies in Newcastle).

Last updated 17 April 2020

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