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Dr Kevin Yuill

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Expert for press contact

Associate Professor of American History

My primary interests are in the intellectual history of the United States. I am interested in fundamental alterations between citizen and state in American history and their expressions in policy. I have explored issues including race and equality in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, attitudes to suicide and death, and attitudes to the possession of firearms.

Teaching and supervision

I am Research Student Manager for Media Studies and Humanities. I teach undergraduate modules in American History, American Studies, Methodology of History, and current issues in American culture and society. I have also taught methodology and the history of suicide on MA History.

I am currently Director of Studies for Achille Castrogiovanni. Two of my students, so far, have completed their PhDs:

  • Dr. Mark Beachill, "The Shifting Meaning of Race in the Political Culture of the USA", awarded 25/10/2016.
  • Dr. Daniel Crew, “Published Sheet Music as a Political Research Tool in American Politics”, awarded 11/2/2015.

Research interests for potential research students

I am happy to consider topics related to American history –particularly those of race and civil rights – of the late nineteenth or twentieth centuries. I am also very happy to consider students who wish to look at suicide, euthanasia, and/or assisted dying from an ethical or historical angle.


My research interests are broad but generally involve the shifting relationship of the citizen to the state in the United States (and, to a lesser extent, Britain) in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Having published a book and several articles on themes relating to race, I published, this year, an article on the contribution of liberals to the racial restrictions of the 1924 Immigration Act. I hope to complete in the coming months a book on the 1924 Immigration Act and its impact upon racial identity in the twentieth century.

In the past, I have researched the Nixon administration's recasting of race relations, how gun controls affected African-Americans in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and how the issue changed from a liberal/radical cause to a conservative cause between 1968 and 1980.

I have also researched the movement for assisted dying, which expresses a constellation of interesting changes in the relationship of citizens and the state. In a recent article about suicide and euthanasia in the press at the turn of the last century, I show how the concept of assistance with suicide did not exist, even amongst those who thought suicide completely justified in the face of a terminal illness, and how euthanasia focused on the needs of society rather than those of the individual, making the way the issue has arisen since the 1970s historically distinct.


Number of items: 33.


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Book Section

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Yuill, Kevin (2015) Views on the News - GUN CONTROLS. [Video]


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Yuill, Kevin (2015) The case of Tom Mortier shows how euthanasia advocates will never stop at the terminally ill [Press article]. The Daily Telegraph.

Yuill, Kevin (2015) We cannot have "zero suicides" if we allow euthanasia [Press article]. Telegraph Media Group Limited.

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  • The history and ethics of suicide, euthanasia and assisted suicide
  • American race relations in the twentieth century
  • The history of firearms and firearms controls
  • The civil rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s
  • American political history, particularly the Nixon and Johnson presidencies

I frequently appear on radio programmes as an expert on American politics and assisted suicide. Most recently I appeared opposite Lord Falconer in a series entitled ‘Steelmanning’ on BBC Radio 4 (13 Jan 2021), BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought programme (2020) and Radio 4’s Moral Maze (three times).

I have been interviewed as an expert for the Dutch newspaper Trouw, the Danish publication Kristeligt Dagblad, and the Belgian publication, Knack, and cited in the Sunday Times and Telegraph. I was invited speaker at debating societies at Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Exeter, UCL., and University College, Dublin.

I was an invited panellist at the British Library event, You're Fired'? Reviewing the Trump Presidency at the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library 21 Jan 2021.

I have been an invited speaker at numerous festivals, including the Hay Festival (2016), Battle of Ideas (every year since 2011), Sunderland Literary Festival (2017), and Belief and Beyond Belief festival at the Southbank Centre 4 March, 2017.

Last updated 16 November 2021