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Languages Staff Profiles

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  1. Judith Turner

    Judith Turner

    Senior Lecturer in Spanish
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  2. Barbara Whittle

    Barbara Whittle

    EAP Practitioner
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  3. David Bell

    David Bell

    EAP/EBS Tutor
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  4. Christine Underwood

    Christine Underwood

    Module Leader for EAP
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  5. Joelle Godard

    Joelle Godard

    Lecturer in French and TESOL
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  6. Lucy Marriott

    Lucy Marriott

    Senior Lecturer Languages (EAP)
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  7. Tim Crocker

    Tim Crocker

    Team Leader for Languages and External Activity
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  8. Miguel A. Gomes Gargamala, SFHEA

    Miguel A. Gomes Gargamala, SFHEA

    Senior Lecturer
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  9. Stephen Thorne

    Stephen Thorne

    EAP Practitioner
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