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Expert for press contact

Reader in Space Law and Policy

I have been active in the teaching and research of space law for several years, in particular examining the ethical and environmental underpinnings of space governance. I have also acted as a consultant on space law matters to commercial law firms. I have worked with national and international media as a space law expert and I am available for academic comment on areas of space law and policy.

Teaching and supervision

I teach Space Law (LAW334) a stage 3 option module on Law LLB (Hons). I also teach Public Law (LAW122) on stage 1 of the LLB. I am dissertation supervisor for both undergraduate (LAW307) and postgraduate (LAWM33) law programmes.

Research interests for potential research students

I have extensive experience of Postgraduate Supervision and have supervised both PhD and DProf students to completion. I would be very interested in hearing from students who are looking to engage in research on any area of Space Law and Space Policy.


I was appointed Reader in Space Law and Policy in June 2013 and I was Unit of Assessment leader for the Law submission to REF 2014. I am Head of the Centre for Legal Research at Sunderland. I am actively engaged in research in the emerging field of space law and policy and have been internationally recognised as an expert on UK and European space governance and environmental and ethical aspects of space activity.


Number of items: 21.


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Book Section

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Newman, Christopher (2011) Optimal Pathways for Low-Level Public Order Law: Cross- Jurisdictional Perspectives and Comparative Standardizations. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.

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Areas of expertise

  • Space law
  • Space policy
  • Space governance
  • Ethics and space travel
  • Constitutional and administrative law
  • Law and politics (science and technology)

Further information

I actively use twitter. Follow me @chrisnewman1972 for updates on all aspects of my research.

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