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Principal Lecturer

I'm a Pharmacist Lecturer within the pharmacy practice and clinical therapeutics team in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing.

I have a background in primary care pharmacy and continue to provide pharmacy services to GP practices. I have extensive experience in programme management having led postgraduate pharmacy courses and the MPharm degree. During the period in which I was programme leader for the undergraduate pharmacy degree, I oversaw the implementation of the first integrated pharmacy degree in the UK, which included the design and delivery of teaching and assessments which integrate science and the practise of pharmacy.

I am currently responsible for patient centred curriculum developments which includes the management of a portfolio of interprofessional education projects.

Teaching and supervision

I currently teach on:

MSc/PgDip Pharmaceutical Sciences for the Overseas Pharmacist Assessment Programme
BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice

I also deliver interprofessional sessions for pharmacy, nursing, psychology and medical students at the University and across the region.

I am Level 4 leader and Module Leader for MPHM07.

Research interests for potential research students

I am currently working on research projects in the following areas:

  • Enhancing teaching and learning opportunities for undergraduate healthcare students around the physical health needs of those with mental ill health.
  • Curriculum developments needed in pharmacy education to ensure graduates are prepared to take on prescribing roles later in their professional careers.
  • The relationships between community pharmacists and pharmacists working within GP practice.


I have successfully supervised research students to PhD level.

Currently funded projects:

HEFCE Catalyst fund for small scale and experimental innovation: £50,000. Interprofessional collaboration in the design and delivery of undergraduate teaching and learning around the care of patients with mental ill health.

Supervisor for National Pharmacy Association Health Education Fund project exploring the contribution of community pharmacists to the reduction of GP workloads: Researcher Kayleigh Davison, Norchem Healthcare.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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My areas of expertise are:

  • Teaching practical therapeutics in the latter years of undergraduate training
  • Primary care pharmacy
  • Development and delivery of inter-professional education

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