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Dr Patrick Hutchinson

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Senior Lecturer in Social Studies

My PhD was entitled: An Examination of Trade Union Mobilisation on Wages, Terms and Conditions in the UK National Health Service in Response to Wage Stagnation – Politics and Pay.

I am currently looking into the impact that social class has on people participating in sport.

I am interested in the critical realist approach to research and I'm in the process of developing a book chapter.

Teaching and supervision

I am Programme Leader for MSc Leadership in Criminal Justice and Policing. I'm currently module leader for:

  • Leading in criminal justice and policing
  • Health and Social Care UG Dissertation
  • Risk, Austerity and Neo-liberalism

I also supervise a range of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations looking at a range of topics.

Research interests for potential research students

  • The sociology of the workplace
  • Social class
  • Inequality 
  • Principle-based leadership 


  • Hart, D., Gunton, LA., and Hutchinson, P (2020) Engaging and Enthusing Students in the Classroom in Black, K., Warhurst, R., (eds) Routledge handbook of teaching in Human Resource Management and Organisational Studies, Routledge, London
  • Hutchinson, P., (2019) An examination of trade union impact upon wages, terms and conditions in the UK National Health Service in response to wage stagnation-Politics and Pay. PhD thesis.
  • The sociology of the workplace 
  • Inequality
  • Leading and managing in the public and third sectors  
  • Social class and its impacts on society 
  • The legal implications of inequality

I have been very fortunate to have a diverse teaching career which spans over 20 years.

While I am fascinated in all aspects of the sociology of work, I am particularly interested in the role that inequality plays in people’s working lives. I have seen first-hand the devastating impact inequality at work can have both for the individual but also for the organisation. I have also seen first-hand the myriad of approaches that can be adopted to overcome such inequalities.

I am also very interested in the role leaders play within the public and third sectors. I believe that the vast majority of leadership theory does not directly relate to these sectors. Leaders in the public and third sectors have, for decades, been asked to do more with less, requiring a different approach to leadership. Many leaders within these sectors are also driven more by the wish to do good than to create a profit. This too requires a different approach to leading teams.

Last updated 25 July 2022