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Professor Stephanie Atkinson

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Expert for press contact

Professor of Design and Technology Education

I have undergraduate qualifications as a Product and Furniture Designer from Northumbria University and a PhD from Newcastle University.

I've held senior appointments in design and technology at all levels: in schools as Head of 3D Studies, as Lecturer at Loughborough University and as Principal Lecturer, Reader and now Professor at University of Sunderland.

I am a member of four international journal’s editorial boards. I examine PhD’s internationally and I am an external examiner for several universities. I'm also the external advisor for Design Technology for the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

I have made an outstanding contribution as a teacher, teacher educator and researcher. I am widely respected within both design and educational fields. This was both recognised, and demonstrated, as a keynote presenter at conferences in the UK, Botswana, Slovakia, Cyprus and Australia. In 2010, I was presented by the Design and Technology Association with an award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Design and Technology Education’.

In 2011, I was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to Higher Education.

Teaching and supervision

Design literacy theory and practice: assessment and evaluation of design and technology, graphical communication, craftsmanship in resistant materials.

Research interests for potential research students

My early research for my PhD focused on the de-motivation of pupils in schools. More recently, I have been investigating the design activity of students training to become teachers in terms of learning styles and their relationship to factors such as designing styles, creativity, gender and computer-aided learning.


Number of items: 46.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Atkinson, Stephanie (2018) Woman’s under-representation in STEM: The part role-models have played in the past and do we still need them today? In: PATT36 International Conference: Research & Practice in Technology Education: Perspectives on Human Capacity & Development., 18-21 Jun 2018, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland.

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Dagg, Lynne (2020) An investigation into how human and social capital may be acquired and utilised by school governors. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.

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