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Assistant Head of Academic Operations

My educational background is in tourism development and my PhD, awarded in 2009 by Anglia Ruskin University, was titled An Investigation into the relationship between Community-based Ecotourism and Poverty Alleviation in Bigodi Parish near Kibale National Park, Western Uganda.

I was interested in establishing how local communities in developing countries can move away from being dependant on external organisations to initiate development projects to these communities developing a sense of independence and empowerment by initiating their own projects through tourism.

This research brought together the concepts of tourism, community development, community empowerment, conservation, poverty alleviation and participation.

Teaching and supervision

Research interests for potential research students

My personal research interests include:

  • Tourism in developing countries
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Rural and community development
  • Tourism destination management
  • New technologies in tourism and hospitality
  • Tourism and hospitality education
  • Sustainability


My current research is primarily concerned with analysing the authenticity, ethnicity and the representation of food in ethnic restaurants. This involves research on migrant mobility and their relationships with their culture in the diaspora.

Last updated 17 January 2020