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Dr Nicole Mitsche, FHEA

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Senior Lecturer in Tourism

I graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria with a degree in Social and Business Sciences with a focus on Statistics, and completed my PhD in Tourism at the University of Sunderland. Before joining the University of Sunderland in 2004, I worked in higher education in Austria, namely the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Business and Economics.

My research centres around the use of technologies in tourism, in particular in the destination and heritage context. I have led an EU project (ISAAC) and local research projects and won several best paper awards at conferences. My research and teaching overlap, providing applied and up to date experiences for students. I am an HEA fellow, hold a PGCert in HE and have won the teaching innovation challenge award in 2012.

Teaching and supervision

Programme Leader

MSc Tourism and Hospitality
MSc Tourism and Events

I have led the highly successful BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management (Top-Up) programme in Sunderland where from a diverse cohort of 31 students, 86% graduated with either a first or 2:1. I have implemented the programme from its infant stages for collaborative provision in Singapore and later at our London base. 

Module leader

Destination Branding
Tourism and Heritage Management
Dissertation supervision (undergraduate and postgraduate)
Research methods (postgraduate)
PhD supervision

Research interests for potential research students

  • Visitor perception and satisfaction (importance - performance evaluation) in destination marketing and heritage tourism
  • Use of technologies in tourism and events
  • Information search process in destination marketing
  • Heritage tourism
  • Use of intangible heritage in destination marketing
  • Gamification, augemented reality (AR) games in destination marketing


My research centres around the use of technologies in tourism, in particular in the destination context. I am currently interested in the innovative and affordable use of technologies such as social media and augmented reality applications for SMTEs and destinations. On the other side my interest focuses on the information search process in destination marketing.

Research projects

Accessibility Study, Stadium of Light: Validation and statistical analysis of user accessibility study of the Stadium Light, January 2017.

ISAAC Project: Integrated e-Services for Advanced Access to Heritage in Cultural Destinations, (6th framework of EU), Role: Principal Investigator (2005-2008).

ISAAC aimed to provide a novel user-friendly IT based platform to support the accessibility of European cultural heritage and its interpretation. Sunderland’s part focused on current technological developments related to heritage interpretation in the destination context, development of local interpretation strategies and user centric web site evaluation. 

DieToRecs: Intelligent Recommendation for Tourist Destination Decision Making (5th framework of EU) (IST-2000-29474) Research assistant (2001-2004), Role: Researcher.

3 successful PhD co-supervisions; PhD examination.


Number of items: 19.


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Book Section

Mitsche, Nicole, Reino, Sofia, Knox, Dan and Bauernfeind, Ulrike (2008) Enhancing cultural tourism e-services through heritage interpretation. In: Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2008, Proceedings of the International Conference in Innsbruck, Austria. Springer, pp. 418-429. ISBN 978-3-211-77279-9

Mitsche, Nicole (2007) Understanding the Information Search Process within a Tourism domain - specific Search Engine. In: Dynamics of Search Engines. ICFAI University Press, pp. 164-177. ISBN 8131406792

Mitsche, Nicole, Gretzel, Ulrike, Hwang, Yeong-Hyeon and Fesenmaier, Daniel R (2006) Travel personalities testing for destination recommendation systems. In: Destination Recommendation Systems: Behavioural Foundations. CABI Publishing, pp. 121-136. ISBN 0851990231


Mitsche, Nicole, Vogt, Franziska, Knox, Dan, Paskaleva, Krassimira, Lombardi, Patrizia and Ciaffi, Daniela (2008) Interpretative Strategies for the Cities of Amsterdam, Leipzig and Genoa. Project Report. ISAAC Project.

Conference or Workshop Item

Makin, Rachel and Mitsche, Nicole (2019) Exploring the Use of Augmented Reality Technology at Cultural Heritage Sites. In: CERTE 3rd International Research Symposium in Tourism Hospitality & Events: Impact, Innovation, Interdisciplinarity, 29th May 2019, Sunderland, UK.

Mitsche, Nicole (2017) Pokémon GO game as a pull factor in new target market acquisition for tourism places and local stakeholders. In: UNSPECIFIED, 24th May 2017, Sunderland.

Paskaleva, Krassimira, Cooper, Ian, Leopold, Teresa, Megliola, M and Mitsche, Nicole (2011) Linking visitor experience, cultural identities, and ICT: A Framework for curating urban cultural heritage. In: Nouveaux Musees, Nouvelles eres urbaines, Nouvelles mobilities touristiques, 20 - 21 Jan 2011, Paris.

Mitsche, Nicole, Cooper, Ian, Lombardi, Patrizia, Ciaffi, Daniela and Vogt, Franziska (2009) Intangibles - Enhancing Access to Cities' Cultural Heritage through Interpretation. In: Sharing Cultures 2009 - International Conference on Intangible Heritage, 29 May - 1 Jun 2009, Pico Island, Portugal.

Mitsche, Nicole, Reino, Sofia and Frew, Andrew (2007) The contribution of Technology-Based Heritage Interpretation to the Visitor Satisfaction in Museums. In: Information Technologies in Tourism, Proceedings of the International Conference in Ljublijana, Slovenia.


Mitsche, Nicole (2016) Digital destination promotion: understanding and maximizing the use of digital and cultural assets to enhance tourists’ decision making and destination marketing strategies. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.


Mitsche, Nicole, Vogt, Franziska, Knox, Dan, Paskaleva, Krassimira, Lombardi, Patrizia and Ciaffi, Daniela (2009) Interpretative Strategies for the Cities of Amsterdam, Leipzig and Genoa. Pending Details, TBA.

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  • Use of technologies in tourism, hospitality and events
  • Destination marketing
  • Heritage tourism
  • Use of intangible heritage and storytelling in destination marketing
  • Gamification in tourism (augmented reality games)
  • Statistics

Reviewer (journals and conference)
  • Annals of Tourism Research
  • International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research
  • International Journal of Computers in Human Behaviour
  • eRTR (eReview of Tourism Research)
  • EMAC (European Marketing Association Conference)
  • Electronic Markets – The International Journal of Networked Business
  • International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  • ENTER Conference - Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism

Programme validation for undergraduate and postgraduate tourism degrees

External examiner (University of Derby, University of Bedfordshire)

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