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Sustainable travel

We have fantastic links via public transport, which makes sustainable travel between campuses, and around the local area, incredibly easy.

Different ways to travel

Brake, the road safety charity across Britain, reports that 67% of commuting trips are made by car and 46% of all trips are less than two miles. 2% of commuting trips are bicycle journeys and 9% made by public transport.

The major environmental consequences of so many journeys being made by car include carbon emissions, air quality and noise pollution. 21% of UK greenhouse gas emissions come from transport.

The Department for Transport predicts that the proportion of traffic travelling in very congested conditions will more than double by 2035, further increasing emissions.

The following information details the transport options available to everyone who studies and/or works at the University.

Public transport

Public transport use can sometimes take longer than cycling or walking but is a much better option than driving. If you can, try and walk or cycle into university.

Staff and students can travel to the University campus via bus, train, and Metro (University stop).

Traveline is a site providing local public transport information and timetables. A specific route planner is available where you can work out how to get from A to B using public transport.

Fact: CO2 emissions per train/bus passenger are on average 6-8 times lower than car travel.

Campus bus

If you do need to use a car to get to the University, we also provide more sustainable options for getting around Sunderland campuses.

Our campus bus service allows travel between both Sunderland campuses for free with a staff or student card.

Find out our bus timetable and how to access the campus bus.


Cycling is better for you than driving or getting public transport. It can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve fitness. Cycling into university is an easy way to include exercise in your daily life.

If you plan to cycle into the University there are a number of secure cycle storage facilities available across both Sunderland campuses.

If you would like further information on cycle parking and security facilities in Sunderland please see Security Safety or contact the Security Duty Managers at securitydutymanagers@sunderland.ac.uk or 0191 515 2028.


Walking is not only free, but is also good for you and the environment. Walking into the University is an easy way to build some exercise into your day.

Tips for walking:

  • Wear a good pair of shoes
  • Use well-lit routes
  • Avoid walking on the road
  • Carry a personal alarm for safety
  • Encourage a friend to walk with you

Sunderland City Council has information on walks in Sunderland.

Contact us

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