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Accessibility Roadmap for Staff and Student websites using the Terminalfour platform

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Accessibility roadmap for Staff and Student websites using the Terminalfour platform.

The University of Sunderland runs a wide variety of websites and it is important to us that our websites and services are as widely accessible as possible.

This roadmap describes our approach to this work, and is complementary to our Accessibility Statement for Staff and Student websites using the Terminalfour platform.


TaskNotesDate CompletedComplete by 
Font/background colour amendments so the contrast meets WCAG AA/AAA standard   Made to CTA’s, link text, footer, menu   Jun-20   Aug-20
Form fields need labels associated with them   Inc search   Jun-20   Aug-20 
Meta fields added to all content types   Inc images in wwwadmin   Jun-20   Aug-20 
Pages only scroll vertically     Aug-20   Aug-20 
Buttons (such as slider arrows) should visibly change when selected     Aug-20   Aug-20 
Tabbing should change the appearance of anything that can be selected (fields, buttons, links etc) with obvious focus     Aug-20   Aug-20 
Links should be distinguished by more than one colour   When hovering, a slight change of appearance will be shown   Jul-20   Aug-20 
‘Skip to content’ and ‘Accessibility statement’ should be the first two things that display when tabbing     Mar-20   Aug-20 
Metadata tags added where missing     Jul-20   Aug-20 
Image dimensions added to code   CSS will still override this for responsive view   Apr-20   Aug-20
H tag order, appropriate use of html tags     May-20   Aug-20
CAPTCHA added to forms     Aug-20   Aug-20
Text reflow to 300%     Jun-20   Aug-20
Keyboard accessible navigation   inc fixing of keyboard traps   Jul-20   Aug-20
Colour contrast over images   manual check required, difficult      



TaskNotesDate completedComplete by
Caption all existing videos on website     Nov-20
Incoporate subtitle time into new video timelines     Nov-20
Audio description added where required     Nov-20



TaskNotesDate completedCompleted by
Titles on all pages   Aug-20 Aug-20
Heading and subheading structure implemented using H tag hierarchy   Aug-20 Aug-20
Meaningful image descriptions added as alt-tags     Oct-20
Meaningful link text     Oct-20
House style changes eg expansion of aronymns on first use, clear concise writing style   Oct-20
Minimise file size of images Can be improved further   Oct-20
Fix all broken links     Oct-20
Add meta descriptions and keywords to all content See Littleforest   Oct-20
Add alt-tags to all images See Littleforest   Oct-20
PDF’s open up in new tab External PDF's outside of CMS   Oct-20 
Look at PDF’s that could be turned into a web page  use littleforest to identify number   Oct-20 
Text over image colour contrast      Oct-20 
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