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A day in the life of a 3rd year Primary Education student

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Published: January 25, 2021

Hi everyone, my name is Harriet. I'm a current third year Primary Education with QTS student. Going into third year during the pandemic is a lot different to last year as I am now remote learning, however there is still a lot to be getting on with. In this blog I thought I'd talk you through what an average day of a Primary Education student currently looks like.

harriet's desk

Today started by me waking up a lot later than I normally would, I then logged onto my computer and set up my working space, by gathering any books/articles I would need, my notebook and my weekly to-do list.I find that having an organised working space keeps me on track and allows me to be as productive as possible.

I start off by completing my reference form which I need to send to my personal tutor before I can start applying for jobs! (This is such a scary thought, I can remember my first day at university like it was yesterday, and now i'm applying for jobs?!)
I then logged onto my lecture which was 10-11, which is a shorter lecture than normal, as they are normally around 2 hours.
This particular lecture was focused about placements and how the format of them has changed due to Covid. My Year Lead was explaining what evidence we can gather to meet the teacher standards - whether that would be virtual teaching or face-to-face teaching or even a hybrid approach. She then answered any questions we had in regards to the placements, enrichment days and just university in general.

After my lecture was over, I focused my energy on this blog piece which is very exciting as I have never written a blog before, and so far I am very much enjoying it, I feel like I am just talking to a friend even though i'm literally just typing on a screen!! It also seems strange that I can write what will happen next, but I am feeling super motivated today, so I know exactly what I want to get done.

Once I finished writing this blog, I then had some soup for my lunch as it is super quick and easy to make when I have so many things to do. After lunch I then planned to complete some more of my dissertation.
Luckily, I have already completed most of my work in relation to this as I read through a lot of the books and articles I needed last week so I can just refer back to my post it notes that I added. I'm not going to lie, the process of gathering all the information from the books and articles I found does take quite a while to do, I think it has taken me about 20 hours all together, but it definitely helps when it comes to organising your work as I have everything I need in one place now with all of the information already paraphrased. (Top tip!)

After I completed my dissertation related tasks I went for a walk around my local park.  I was excited to do this as I had not been out for a couple of days due to having too much work to do. It also meant I got to try my new Airpods out! 

I then told myself that I was due a pamper night, so I settled down with a film and a facemask to give myself some self-care which is very much needed, especially during this lockdown! Little things such as putting on fresh bedding or taking a bath really can make such a difference. I then wrote my to-do list for the following day so I can keep on track.

Although I think I will miss university when I go on my placement, I can't deny that it will be a fantastic experience. I can not wait to be back in a classroom whether that be virtually or in person!

I hope this snapshot into a day in my life was useful, my routine has obviously changed compared to when I was on campus but I've managed to adapt well due to the support from my tutors and the university. Online working isn't ideal but we're all making the best out of a bad situation, and hopefully we'll be back to the classroom soon! 



Harriet Behan
Primary Education with QTS

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