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Applying for university through clearing

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Published: August 9, 2021

Hello, I’m Ashley Liddle, a second-year Business and Applied Financial Management Student. I started my academic journey back in 2018 after deciding I wanted to better my knowledge and challenge myself.

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After many years of considering going into higher education, I eventually made the decision to speak to current students via social media platforms to ask their opinion about studying as a mature student. During this period, I was an Area Manager for a global restaurant chain. I kept second-guessing my decision to return to learning. It wasn’t as simple as just given up a job and becoming a full-time student as I had responsibilities and financial commitments.

My finances were always the reason I did not come to university, and it was very much a barrier to taking the first step into academic life. I decided I would talk to the university during freshers’ events and open days. Student support organised for me to speak to financial support services at the university. The 1-2-1 enabled me to visualise if I could afford to return to learning.

As a mature student, I was fortunate to have an extensive CV which made the clearing process a little easier and less overwhelming. Rather than supplying the University with a personal statement, they gave me the option to supply my CV. This enabled me to have an easier application as everything else was straightforward. Luckily this enabled me to have an unconditional offer although this was nerve-racking it was nice to know the university actively encourages non-traditional students to return to learning.

When applying through clearing, I would highly recommend attending open days as it can give you insights into the reality of becoming a student. Try not to let finances deter your decision, there is support available and the financial advisors are very welcoming and happy to discuss individual circumstances. I would also recommend speaking to the university student support services about the application process as there is more than one option.


My Parents Perspective

Ashley had always talked about going to university. At first, it came as a shock, but she has always been a very determined woman. Having always worked in hospitality she always spoke about it “only being a job and not a career” and how University could change that.

I will never forget the excitement Ashley displayed when she informed me of her university application. I was so happy she took it upon herself to apply as I did not want to influence her decisions when choosing her programme. I always knew it would be something business-related, and she was always good at mathematics in high school so her choice of course suited her current profession but was something that she could transfer into other industries.

I couldn’t be prouder of Ashley taking control of her own career path. I am quite glad she didn’t speak to me about what to study as I believed this may have hindered her decision. As a parent you always want to steer your children in the right direction but feel that such a big decision should be something that she chose on her own.




Ashley Liddle
Business and Applied Financial Management


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