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My apprenticeship experience at the University of Sunderland

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Published: March 4, 2019

Hi, my name is Beth and I'm an Apprentice Timetabling and Attendance Administrator here at the University of Sunderland.


What skills have you learned on your apprenticeship so far?

I have learned how to adapt and overcome new challenges, how to work to deadlines, and I have also learned how the university operates. I have also been lucky enough to be trained on the most commonly used programmes in the academic registry such as TDS, CMIS and SITS, which I hope will put me in good stead for future roles.


What has been your favourite experience/highlight during your apprenticeship?

One of my personal highlights during my apprenticeship has definitely been working the summer graduation ceremonies. For most of the year, I monitor student’s attendance, which I thoroughly enjoy, but it was a nice change to get out of the office and meet students on such a special day. The atmosphere was great for all the ceremonies and I enjoyed the challenge of carrying out a different role for a week.


What are you hoping to do with your qualification once completed?

Once I complete my qualification I am looking to go on to a permanent role within the university. I feel like I have planted my feet firmly in this role and I would like to go on to become an expert in the field, but I am also open to trying a different role within the university. I am definitely looking to continue a career in higher education.


What do you think the misconceptions are of an apprenticeship and how would you like to change them?

I definitely think a common misconception about apprenticeships is that you won’t be taken seriously by your employer and you won’t be given important tasks due to your assumed capability. I am happy to say that my experience has quite literally been the opposite of that assumption. I have felt like a very valued member of the team from day one and I have a lot of responsibilities within my role that I am depended on to complete.


What advice would you give for anyone considering an apprenticeship?

My advice to anyone who is considering an apprenticeship is to give the apprenticeship all you can and be aware that whatever you put into the apprenticeship is what you will get out of it in return.  


Beth Armstong

Apprentice Timetabling and Attendance Administrator

Topic: Advice and tips