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My experience as a first year Nursing student during Covid-19

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Published: February 2, 2021

My name is Roxanne Corbett and I am proud to say that I am a first year student nurse. I joined Sunderland University in September 2020 as a mature student. In my thirties I did second guess myself. Would I be able to do a degree after so many years away from education? Would I fit in? Could I balance being a single parent with studying, placement and life?

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Resilience. This is a word I learnt very early on. I am resilient and being a student nurse during a global pandemic, watching your colleagues work extremely hard to support patients, colleagues and themselves when the world around is scary has been so empowering. My worries that I had have dwindled away having stood in this environment. An honour and a privilege, motivation to steer me through my degree which yes is difficult, but isn’t that what makes it worth it?

I realised that with the same commitment and strength I can absolutely complete my degree and become the nurse I want to be. The university, despite being mostly virtual in my experience, has been a great support. Our lecturers have been on hand to guide and support us as well as library staff offering us study skills and the options for support with any disabilities or ill health was clear from day one.

I have made friends for life with similar interests and who I will be proud to work alongside in the future as qualified nurses! Together we laugh, and yes at times cry, but we are strong enough. We will succeed.

After seeing this inspiring image online by Iranian artist Bozorghmehr Hosseinpour, it inspired me to write the following poem.

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We stand in murky, unpredictable tides to hold you and your loved ones above water.
We give the chance of a future beyond ill health. We stand in the water on uneven grounding, balancing our stability and strength to keep you afloat.
We are cold, we are scared and unsure of how we mentally and physically can stand in such waters.
But still, we hold you and your loved ones above the ever-changing tides. We are here always. We will put you first.
We are brave and strong enough to withstand the changing tides and often stormy waters, remaining stood on the sinking, uneven sands, the pulling and twisting tides. We will always hold you up.
Remember us.

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on our mental health. If this poem has moved you in any way and you would like to support a charity that provides emotional & practical mental health support for adults & young people, Mind 
provide a quality well-being, prevention and recovery service that puts people first. You can donate to them here.

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Roxanne Corbett

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice student


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