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My experience studying Social Media Management

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Published: April 29, 2021

Hi, my name is Dillon and i'm a second year Social Media Management student here at the University of Sunderland. Social Media Management has been an enjoyable yet demanding course to partake in, the assignments range from essays to very hands-on modules that include creating your own short form videos to managing your own online community and writing press releases.

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The reason I chose the University of Sunderland is firstly I didn’t want to move away from home as I live in Washington and all my friends and family are here so that left me with limited options for University. Originally I applied for Northumbria University, Newcastle University and University of Sunderland, I got two offers from Northumbria, one from Sunderland and unfortunately none from Newcastle so that left me with the choice of Northumbria or Sunderland.

I knew I wanted to do something surrounding media as I had excelled in this subject in the past and after looking through both universities I found the course I am currently studying, Social Media Management. The course stuck out to me above all the rest as the modules just seemed so diverse and had a wide range of learning experiences and transferable skills that I could pick up along the way. So far I am in my second year and as hard at it has been at times it has been a wonderful course to study with great staff and students and I am glad to say that i definitely made the right choice.

The course has taught me so many transferable skills from marketing to the importance of social media presence and how it can be harnessed in the correct way. The course overall has been more than what I expected when I signed up but in a way it’s been a good thing because it’s made me push myself to work harder and gain the skills that I need to pursue a job in social media or PR. All my interactions with my course leader and lecturers have been very pleasant and they are all very helpful and positive thinking, if i’ve ever had an issue or got stuck on something i’ve always felt like it was okay to ask for help and received it.

My actual university experience hasn’t been the best due to COVID, missing out on student nights and meeting new people and making friends has been a miss for me as most of my teaching for the past year has been online but hopefully next year will be a different story. From what I have seen of the uni campuses the resources seem amazing and accessible and right in the city centre so it has been amazing to be able to have the choice of eating in the university or going out for food on a free period or after university drinks with friends.



Dillon Hall
Social Media Management






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