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Staying motivated at university during lockdown

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Published: February 17, 2021

I am quite a self-motivated person however there are times especially during these lockdowns that I have struggled to find the motivation to start reading or writing my assignments.

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For certain assignments I had to decide which topic I wanted to discuss myself, so I magpie ideas from different places such as Facebook groups, my previous mentors, websites or even the news to see what it currently relevant and what interests me. All mentors I have previously had from placements have told me it is hard to complete planning and they sometimes still struggle to manage their time effectively – but they all say to have a good work life balance which is extremely hard when you are a trainee teacher as you want to make sure you show the school your best ideas and work whilst ensuring you do good in your assignment marks.

I personally create a to-do list every week to which I can tick off things when I have completed them, with this I also add a date and time next to things on my list, so I know what I need to complete on which days of the week. I make sure to add things I need to complete for university or placement but also add in anything from my personal life, so I ensure I have that work life balance and have time to go out on a walk etc.

My top tip is to not work in bed, I sit at my desk and I get a lot more done than when im on my bed reading through books. However, saying that if you do get bored or feel unmotivated I always take a break I would go and get a snack, or go talk to a family member or message a friend or even go on a walk to distract my brain then when I come back to my desk I know im ready to work. I also get in touch with my personal tutor if I am struggling just so I can get a better idea if I am on the right track for my assignments or with an idea that I wanted to do within placement.

They are able to tell me what is good about the idea and where I could improve which gives me motivation to want to complete it. For me sometimes I also need accountability so if I tell one of my friends that I will complete something today and would they look through it for me, I am much more likely to actually complete the work. But I would just say try multiple different techniques to keep you on task and see what works best for you.



Harriet Behan
Primary Education with QTS


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