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Student Food Recipes (meaty, veggie & vegan!)

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Published: October 28, 2019

Calling all hungry students to my student food Instagram - @the.starving.student

Cooking healthily and on a budget is something that many students find difficult whilst studying and maintaining a good social life. My name is Lauren, I am a recent graduate and I create breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for students (meaty, veggie & vegan!).

One of my biggest tips is to be organised and cook in batches. Batch cooking is perfect for lunches (to take into university or work), and for dinners. There are so many ingredients, spices and herbs that can be put together to make delicious meals. Making several portions at once allows you to quickly heat up one serving at a time, giving you much more time each evening to study or relax.

Not only does batch cooking save time, it also is very likely to save you money. Bulk-buying dry store-cupboard ingredients such as oats, rice, pasta, herbs & spices saves money in the long run and reduces the number of supermarket visits you have to make. Some of my dinner recipes include Moroccan Chicken & Veg, Shepherd’s Pie, Tomato Pasta, Herb-Roasted Butternut Squash.  I also have a huge variety of lunch dishes, great for eating either hot or cold including soups, salads, pastas and many more.

My main aim is to inspire students to go out, buy fresh ingredients and try to create new dishes they haven’t tried before. It’s so important to be able to cook independently and I hope this short blog has inspired you to do so.

Enjoy cooking!




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