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Top 5 reasons to attend Freshers'

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Published: September 19, 2018

Freshers' week at the University of Sunderland is a week packed full of fun activities and is open to everybody regardless of age, level of study or degree type. It’s a great chance to find your way around the city you will be studying in and to meet some new people

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Coming to university for the first time is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences I have ever had and I am absolutely positive that there are so many more people out there feeling just the same. I enrolled at the University of Sunderland in 2016 and I was desperate to attend freshers'. I bought a wristband and everything, but I was so nervous that I didn’t dare attend any of the events and I could’ve kicked myself for it, so I ended up attending freshers' the next year and the activities I attended were fab.

So, I have made a list of the top reasons that you should really think about attending freshers' week and getting involved with everything the university has to offer!

Meeting new people

This one is probably a bit obvious. Freshers' week is a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of new people from different backgrounds, cultures, areas and from different courses. There will be so many people just as anxious and nervous as you are so you know you aren’t alone! By getting involved in some of the activities going on you have the opportunity to meet new and potential friends, and even if you don’t make friends right away you’ll at least have some friendly and familiar faces around once you start teaching weeks which can often be a huge help if you’re feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive about starting out properly.



It’s not as expensive as you might believe

For those of you who are able to buy wristbands, they are less than £30 and can allow you to get into as many events or take part in as many activities you want. With a wristband, you can get into many events for free or at a significantly reduced price! Everybody living the student life knows how helpful that is.
If you don’t have a wristband there are countless activities that you can get involved with for free as well, one thing I remember was a beach walk which was organised through the Student Union. All you had to do was sign yourself up because spaces were limited. The fact that there are activities you can take part in for free is pretty great because they are inclusive of everyone, and who doesn’t love something free? 



The activities cater for everybody

When someone says ‘freshers’ week’ what do you think of? Paint, foam, alcohol and very loud parties? Dancing, drinking, and takeaways in the early hours of the morning? It's a pretty stereotypical idea of freshers’ week and don’t get me wrong, this does go on, but if that's not your thing don’t despair because there will definitely be something for you too! In the past, I have witnessed and taken part in many different activities from movie nights and bowling, to fish and chip beach days, zombie runs and petting zoos. Freshers' week really is for everyone. 



Freshers’ Deals

Freshers' week isn’t just about the activities and events going on it’s a fab chance to see if you can nab yourself a great deal! Last year I signed myself up to student prime at a discounted rate through the recommendation of someone I spoke to in the welcome crew but there are lots of other deals you can get your hands on. Local restaurants, takeaways, and bars often have student nights and also attend the freshers' fayre armed with discounts and freebies. 



Finding your feet around campus

Unless you're from Sunderland or have visited the campus a number of times, chances are you won’t have a very good idea of where you are going, to begin with. With so many activities going on, freshers' is a great time to find your feet and have a good wander around campus. To help you even further, you'll be given a map of both campuses in your welcome bag so you can get a better understanding of where all the buildings are and what they are called as well as know where various facilities are located such as the library. This puts you on a good path ready for the start of term so you're not worrying about being late for class.



So, there you have my top 5 reasons to attend freshers', though it is important to remember that the most important things are staying safe, having fun and making great memories. Enjoy! 

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