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My top 5 places to eat in Sunderland

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Published: October 23, 2018

From traditional seaside eats, riverside brasseries to independent restaurants, bars, and cafes, Sunderland’s food scene offers a whole host of dining options with a few chains added in too for good measure. Here are my top 5 go to’s for when a treat is needed after a long week at university, or if you just want a good meal without the hassle of cooking with friends.

eating out

Casa Italia

If you’re a fan of Italian food, Casa Italia has got you covered with their incredible dishes, they even offer student discount and thanks to its proximity to City Campus, it can be a welcome treat after a long lecture. Their extensive menu and good offers make this a go to for me and my friends. My favourite dish is the Pollo Panchetta with nice warm vegetables. The sauce is nice and creamy with fried bacon and leek. But if you want to keep it classic, the eatery offers a wide range of pizza and pasta options.

 Pizza from local restaurant


Port of Call

Located in the heart of the city centre, Port of Call, with its stripped back industrial/shipping decor is a student hotspot known for offering good value lunch and dinner options and as a starting point for a drink with friends. Featuring a host of grilled meats and fish options, the eatery also offers ‘bar bait’ and small snacks and caters for those with dietary requirements too.

I have eaten here at least twice now and always go for the sirloin steak option, a testament to Port of Call really as I didn’t even like steak that much before having it here. The steak is accompanied by tomato, mushrooms, chips and a sauce of your choice, for a true treat, replace the regular chips for cheesy ones. It’s a match made in heaven.

Steak and chips meal


The Cooper Rose 

Ask any student and they’ll know about the Cooper Rose. Cheap drinks and good decent food that is excellent value. Open during the day for food and drink, The Copper Rose then becomes a late night bar on an evening, making it a good all-around location.

My recommendation for food? The Tennessee Honey Burger with chips, they also offer a great breakfast menu.

The only downside to this eatery is that it provides the number of calories in each meal on the menu, which is not so good if you're like me and prefer living in denial.

Breakfast at the Cooper Rose



 Heaven for all those with a sweet tooth, Kaspas is a dessert house that provides a fantastic range of hot and cold desserts all under one roof. From ice cream to waffles, crepes, and sundaes, this is a true treat and they offer student discount!

My advice? Wait until your birthday and all share the birthday extravaganza- a giant bowl filled with waffles, whipped cream and 15 scoops of ice cream!!


No.2 Church Lane

In a nutshell, No.2 Chruch Lane offers everything a hardworking student needs, beers, burgers & cocktails!

With an extensive mouth watering menu that also provides Vegetarian/ Vegan-friendly options, this really is a go-to if you’re after a good hearty meal. If you love a burger, this is where to go.

Burger meal from Church Lane 

Where are your top places to eat in Sunderland?

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