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Clearing success stories

Don't just take our word for it that the University of Sunderland will change your life.

These students all joined us during Clearing, graduated with flying colours and are now forging ahead with successful careers or further study.


Clearing success stories

Here are just a few of many students who have joined us through Clearing and gone on to have fantastic career opportunities!

Holly Robinson

When young mum Holly Robinson failed to achieve her grades, she thought it was the end of the road for her dreams of studying at university. But a call to our Clearing hotline changed everything – she went on to graduate with a First in Community and Youth Work Studies, and now has her dream job as a Family Support Worker.

"After not getting the grades I hoped for I was in despair. I had always wanted to go to university, and I felt it was something that couldn’t happen now.

"The University of Sunderland is an excellent place, with great support and high-quality teaching available. They were able to play to everyone’s strengths, and took into account my personal circumstances when planning their timetable.

"I now work in a supported accommodation for women with substance misuse problems and their families, and I thoroughly enjoy my job. I would never have imagined when I received my A-Level results that I would be happy in an amazing career – and now here I am.”

Nathan Ward

A friendly phone call inspired Nathan Ward to move 200 miles to an unfamiliar city and start a new life. But for Nathan it worked out better than he ever expected – one year on from graduating with a First he is working for one of the region’s most prestigious small companies.

“I didn’t achieve the A-Levels I needed, but I was very keen to move to the North East. I had heard great feedback from people who studied at Sunderland, and on my results day I decided to ring the University.

“Sunderland’s Clearing team put me right at ease at a time when I was very stressed. They told me they would love me to come to Sunderland, and that definitely helped make up my mind.

“The support network provided by the University was second to none. Having to move 200 miles was hard, but thanks to the University and the friends I made on my degree I’ve been able to make a life up here.

"My degree from Sunderland gave me the chance to learn and develop in all areas of business, and I would definitely recommend the University. Calling the Clearing hotline was the best decision I’ve ever made."

Amy Orange

Amy Orange failed to get her first choice of university, but after calling our Clearing hotline she landed a place on the LLB Law degree. Three years later, Amy graduated with a First Class degree, and has since completed her LPC and Masters as well as gained a job working as a Family Paralegal at Ben Hoare Bell LLB.

"When I didn’t get the grades to study at my first choice university I was devastated. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to attend university at all. I called the team at Sunderland and they reassured me that it wasn’t the end of the world. I realised that everything happens for a reason, and Sunderland is where I was supposed to study.

"The lecturers on the LLB course are first class, and only ever an email away when you need them. The support they provided was incredible throughout my three years at the University.

"Studying for my degree and my LPC has been the best four years of my life, and really prepared me for the real world. Now I am working as a Paralegal in Family Law, an area of law which I am incredibly passionate about.”

Gary Waller

Gary Waller had been in the army, worked for Nissan and as a taxi driver before he made the decision to study at university in his late 40s. After calling the Clearing hotline he landed a place on the BA Business and Financial Management degree. Gary graduated with a First Class degree, and now works as Logistics Manager at Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd.

"I decided to attend university to prove something to myself. I left school with few qualifications, but I also wanted to improve my job prospects. I served for seven years in the Royal Engineers as a Plant Operator, then 12 years at Nissan working on the production line, and ten years working as a taxi driver, but I always had bigger ambitions.

"While at Sunderland I applied for a part-time job at Liebherr through the University’s Careers and Employability Service. Effectively I started to work for Liebherr while I was in my second year at University, and now I am the Logistics Manager. I would advise any student to attend an Open Day at the University of Sunderland. It is your chance to speak to lecturers and current students, and also find out more about the University’s excellent facilities, and about the city.”