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Tips for Clearing

Clearing can be a stressful time, but it doesn't have to be. These tips will ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.


Tips for Clearing

Ready to change your life? Read these handy tips before you make your Clearing call!

Before you call

Find a course that you are interested in and ensure you read through the course profile and know what the course involves.

Write down questions while reading about our courses. That way you won’t finish the conversation with a Clearing adviser and realise you’ve forgotten to ask something crucial.

Know the University. Have a look around the University of Sunderland website and find out about our facilities and academic expertise. Learn what scholarships you could be eligible for and where you might be living.

During the call

Be prepared and have:

  • Your UCAS Personal ID number
  • Your GCSE grades (or equivalent qualifications)
  • Your A Level grades (or equivalent qualifications)

When you talk to an advisor, treat it as an interview. We want to recruit enthusiastic students who will thrive on their chosen course, so we’ll be asking some questions to find out a bit more about you.

If you’re offered a place

If you’re offered a place you can accept it immediately, or you can take some time to consider it.

We can hold a place for you, but we can’t hold it indefinitely. If you want to take some time to talk to your family and friends, let the Clearing advisor know and ask how long they can hold the place for you.

Remember that there will be lots of other students in the same situation as you, so it’s only fair that we give your place to someone else if you don’t get back to us in time.