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Globalisation in the Time of Disruption: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education

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Monika Foster


Professor Monika Foster is the Head of School, Business and Management, Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism. Monika has worked in Business Schools and higher education and in industry in the UK, Europe and Far East for nearly 30 years. Monika was responsible for learning, teaching and assessment strategy, including international partnerships and quality assurance (Europe (Poland, Germany, Russia, Holland), Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore).

Developing international perspectives is a strategic objective for many higher education providers and employers. It also a crucial graduate attribute for students preparing to work in an interconnected world. As globalisation of trade, politics and education is experiencing a time of disruption, there is a debate in the literature and media how to ensure internationalisation in all its aspects is harnessed as disruptive innovation, a force for positive change. A challenge for higher education providers is therefore how to embrace this in the curriculum and as a graduate attribute.

To address the challenge, the lecture will examine the latest developments in globalisation and the impact of disruption, whilst arguing that it could be embraced as an opportunity, with examples from the globalised higher education.

The event will be hosted online, register to receive the link.


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