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Empowering Youth: Sharing Perspectives on Neurodiversity and the Justice System

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Empowering Youth: Sharing Perspectives on Neurodiversity and the Justice System

Topic - Open Events, Schools and Colleges

As part of a Global Symposium, we are thrilled to invite north-east students between the ages of 13 and 17 (Years 9 to 12) to the University of Sunderland. Our goal is to explore their thoughts on neurodiversity and brainstorm ideas to tackle challenges in the criminal justice system.

Neurodiversity refers to the different ways a person’s brain processes information. This event will be of interest to students studying or interested in a career in law, psychology, criminology, policing, social work, and other social sciences.

In this interactive session, students will consider what neurodiversity means to them, and discuss what can be done to tackle challenges related to this in the criminal justice system such as when in a police station, at trial, during custody, and sentencing. Students will express their views through designing visual posters and a prize will be awarded for the winning design.

How will we do this?
By asking students to express their views through an interactive session, using knowledge exchange to support students in designing a visual poster, understanding their legal rights and access to justice, and presenting students with prizes for the winning designs.  
What's happening: 
Students will share what neurodiversity means to them by drawing posters during the event. After the event the posters will be collated into an ebooklet and shared with participants.
Why this matters: 
This approach helps participants to focus on essential points when discussing complex issues in neurodiversity and also raising awareness of the impact of neurodiversity on different roles within the criminal justice system.
Unique opportunity: 
This day offers a special chance for participants to: 

  • Explore existing perspectives and knowledge around the topic of neurodiversity
  • Promote positive experiences for neurodiverse individuals in the justice system
  • Engage with experts legal academics and policymakers who specialise in shaping measures and informing policy
  • Put real-life issues into practice, great for students interested in Law, Criminology, Policing, Sociology and Psychology

Timetable of the day:
9.15 – 9.30 Welcome  
9.30 – 10.30 Exploring the law and various issues in relation to neurodiversity 
10.30 – 11.30 Poster design session and break (including refreshments)  
11.30 – 12.30 Poster presentations 
12.30 – 13.00 Prizegiving and event closes.


If you have any questions please contact events.recruitment@sunderland.ac.uk.