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Shoplifting: A societal issue or organised crime?

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Shoplifting: A societal issue or organised crime?

Topic - Schools and Colleges

The UK faces a nationwide surge in shoplifting. How can we critically think about this topic?

An astonishing £953 million amounted to retail theft in 2021/22, according to a recent British Retail Consortium Crime Survey, with incidents of violence and abuse directed at retail staff nearly doubling when compared to pre-pandemic levels, reaching a staggering 867 incidents per day. The survey of BRC members uncovered a significant uptick in shoplifting, with levels surging by an average of 27% in ten major cities.

We invite you and your students to join us in a thought-provoking debate where we will explore the current issues and concerns surrounding 'shoplifting' from two distinct perspectives: criminologists and policing. Through a criminological lens, we will delve into the social structures and inequalities that serve as triggers for shoplifting. From a police standpoint, we will assess police responses, their effectiveness, and the penalties imposed.

This session aims to empower your students with a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues related to shoplifting. By considering the question, "Is shoplifting primarily a societal issue or driven by organized crime?"  we can equip your students with valuable insights to address these challenges.

Join us in shedding light on this critical topic and preparing your students to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving field of criminology and policing.

This event takes school/college group bookings and student individual bookings.

This event is designed for Year 12 and Year 13 students interested in areas Social Science subjects, such as Criminology and Policing.