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Tomorrow's Engineers Today

Topic - Schools and Colleges

Year 13 students are invited to attend this fantastic, interactive event hosted by the School of Engineering at the University of Sunderland. 

Come along to David Goldman Technology Centre at St Peter's Campus to discover the various courses we offer future engineers.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in multiple interactive taster sessions, including:

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories - The internet has revolutionised the way we live and communicate. In this session students will learn how the fourth industrial revolution is harnessing this power to share information and make decisions. It is now possible to link human behaviour and real-world events with smart manufacturing factories to improve efficiency and make intelligent decisions in real time. Students will see this technology in action and gain understanding of the exciting careers emerging for specialists in this field.

Strength of Materials - Product failure is not acceptable, especially in safety critical and high-performance applications. This session will help students understand how mechnical engineers are able to remove the guesswork from the equation when developing products. The workshop will begin with the theory of different types of forces and what this means for materials and components to which they are applied. Using computer software, a real-world simulation will be created to understand at what point the material will break. Finally, this can be tested in the laboratory to see how theory, computer prediction and real world all compare. 
Participants will also have the opportunity to tour our "new for 2023" facilites and hear from current students about their experiences studying at the University.