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Looking for work.

Access the resources and support to help you find work and gain skills and experience during your studies and after you graduate.

Graduate Jobs

Resources on where to look for graduate jobs.


Gain work experience in a field you are interested in pursuing in your career.

Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair

Meet 70+ top employers at the University's biggest careers event.

Career-Related Opportunities

Resources on flexible career-related opportunities.


Placements can play an important role in helping you secure your first job.


Resources on volunteering, which can enhance your employability potential.

Student Jobs and Vacation Work

Resources on where to find part-time and vacation work.

Student Opportunities Fair

Find a variety of opportunities that will enhance your employment prospects now.

Starting a business

Resources on how to start your own business.

International Students

Resources for international students.

We have selected some e-books that we hope will help you when you are looking for work

Brilliant Job Hunting

Brilliant Job Hunting

Brilliant Job Hunting is the comprehensive start-to-finish guide to finding your dream job quickly and easily. We all know just how time-consuming and stressful finding a job can be. Once you're past the first major hurdle of deciding which job you really want to do, you've got so many other things to deal with - finding the job, preparing your CV, passing the interview, standing out from the rest and dealing with setbacks along the way. It's not easy! Brilliant Job Hunting is the complete start-to-finish manual of everything you need to know, from writing your CV, knowing where to look, interview techniques and negotiating a job offer. This book covers all elements of job hunting in precise detail all in one concise informative guide. This new edition now includes new up-to-date information on social networking, including information on LinkedIn and Facebook.




Ultimate Job Search

Ultimate Job Search

Starting work or changing jobs can be one of life's most stressful experiences, and with today's crowded job market it is more of a challenge than ever. Even when your CV does get you through to an interview, competition is so strong that you can't leave any of your preparation up to luck. A 'one-stop shop' for all job hunters, Ultimate Job Search takes the stress out of job hunting and provides advice on every stage of the job hunting process, from preparing a powerful CV that will get you noticed; sample cover letters and emails that come across as genuine; making a great impression at interviews; to dealing with offers and rejections in a positive manner. From the best-selling Ultimate series, the guidance in this book will help you shine and will demonstrate to future employers that you're not only able to do the job, but that you are committed and highly receptive to opportunities around you. With an exhaustive breadth of detail and real-life up-to-date comments from employers and recruitment professionals, Ultimate Job Search is invaluable to anyone looking to get their dream job at any stage of their career.


Using LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook to find your dream job

Using LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook to find your dream job

Ready to take your career to the next level? Find out everything you need to know about looking for jobs using social media with this practical guide.Nowadays, it is no longer enough for job hunters to simply send their CV and cover letter to potential employers, and they must do more to stand out from other highly qualified candidates. The solution? Social media! LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to name just a few sites, allow you to attract the attention of recruiters and establish a network of professionals to help you in your career.In 50 minutes you will be able to:

  • Build a high-quality network of professional connections in your field
  • Tailor your profiles to attract the attention of recruiters
  • Develop and maintain a reputation as a committed professional in your industry



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