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Apply for the Sunderland Professional Award

There are 2 deadlines for submitting your SuPA Gold or Silver application during the 2020-21 academic year:
1st January and 1st April.

If you're applying for the Bronze Award you can apply anytime, but you must complete your application within three months of starting.

Apply online

Log in and complete your application for SuPA here.

If you are having difficulties registering, please get in touch.

Application Supporting Documents

The SuPA guide contains the necessary requirements for each of the Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze). It also takes you through the application step-by-step including useful information to support you with your statement.

SuPA Application Guide

The assessment criteria show exactly how your application will be assessed and will help you to improve your application, you can download the relevant criteria below:

SuPA Bronze Award  SuPA Bronze Assessment Criteria 2018-19
SuPA Silver Award  SuPA Silver Assessment Criteria 2018-19 
SuPA Gold Award  SuPA Gold Assessment Criteria 2018-19

A physical copy of the application forms can be found here if needed:

SuPA Bronze Award 

 SuPA Bronze Award application form (Section 1)

 SuPA Bronze Award application form (Section 2)

 SuPA Bronze Award application form (Section 3)

SuPA Silver Award 

 SuPA Silver Award application form (Section 1)

 SuPA Silver Award application form (Section 2) 

 SuPA Silver Award application form (Section 3)

SuPA Gold Award 

 SuPA Gold Award application form (Section 1)

 SuPA Gold Award application form (Section 2)

 SuPA Gold Award application form (Section 3)


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