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Visa preparation and CAS number

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  1. Where can I go for visa advice when I am in the UK?

    If you need help or advice about immigration or visas, please contact the International Student Support Team...

  2. Who can I contact about immigration compliance?

    Get in touch with the Immigration Compliance team at the University of Sunderland

  3. What kind of visa do I need to study in the UK?

    There are two visas you can apply for, a Tier 4 General Student Visa or a Short Term Study Visa...

  4. Do I need a CAS?

    You will need a CAS to apply for your Tier 4 General Student visa so you can study in the UK.

  5. What are the pre-CAS checks?

    Before you will be assigned your final CAS, you will need to complete your ‘pre-CAS checks’.

  6. What is the Immigration History Form?

    The Immigration History Form is the first step in your Immigration Compliance Checks. We will ask you to complete this form to provide us with your previous immigration history.

  7. What English language evidence do I need to provide?

    You will also be asked to provide us with your English Language evidence so we can confirm that you have previously studied English, or hold a valid qualification with English at the correct level for your course.

  8. What is the Visa Preparation Test?

    The visa preparation test is designed to be a supportive session with a member of the Immigration Compliance Team to ensure that you have carried out the appropriate research into the University, and the course that you have applied to study.

  9. What financial evidence do I need to provide?

    If you are applying from outside the EU, you will need to prove that you have sufficient funds in your account to pay for your first year’s tuition fees, and your living expenses.

  10. Do you need a copy of my passport?

    We will ask you to provide us with a scanned copy of your passport, which you can upload via your ‘MyApplication’ portal page.

  11. What is the CAS request form?

    The CAS request form is the final Immigration Compliance check that the team will carry out.

  12. What happens when I have passed all the compliance checks?

    Once you have submitted all required documentation, and you have passed all your Immigration Compliance checks, your application will then be ready for its CAS to be assigned.