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Academic and career advice

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  1. How does my son or daughter apply to university?

    If your son or daughter is applying for a full-time undergraduate degree they can apply via UCAS.

  2. What study support can my son or daughter access?

    Your child can expect stimulating contact time to aid their education that will include lectures, workshops, seminars and case studies...

  3. What happens if my son or daughter fails a module?

    If your child fails a module, there are a number of options available to them in order to help them progress through their course.

  4. What opportunities are there for further study?

    Learn more about the life-changing opportunities for further study that are available to your child here at Sunderland.

  5. How can I find out how well my child is doing academically?

    Your child will receive regular examination and module marks and will be fully aware of how well they are doing academically.

  6. Are there many work experience opportunities available?

    Find out about the work experience, volunteering positions, paid part-time and vacation work, and paid and unpaid project work opportunities we offer through the Employability and Enterprise Hub.

  7. Will my child be able to find a job on campus?

    There are a number of opportunities to work on campus. Your child can work as a student ambassador, and there are also many opportunities to find part-time work in the local area