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  1. How much are tuition fees?

    The majority of the University of Sunderland’s undergraduate tuition fees are £9,250...

  2. How to make tuition fee payments?

    There’s a range of options available for you to make tuition fee payments, including online, by bank transfer, by post and in person...

  3. The Student Loans Company have got my household income wrong, what should I do?

    If you’re concerned the Student Loans Company have calculated your household income incorrectly, you can request a reassessment by contacting 0300 100 0607

  4. Is my son or daughter eligible for a scholarship?

    We’re committed to offering a wide range of financial support, and your son or daughter may be eligible for a number of our scholarships and bursaries.

  5. What are my child’s rent costs?

    We offer a great choice of accommodation for you to choose from and our rent prices include heating, lighting, water, fuel, Wi-Fi and personal possessions insurance.