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Support for care leavers

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  1. What support is offered to care experienced students?

    We understand that you may have different circumstances or concerns if you are leaving care...

  2. What is the definition of a Care Experienced Student?

    At the University of Sunderland we deem a Care Experienced Student as any student who has spent 13 weeks or more in the care of...

  3. Am I guaranteed student accommodation?

    As a looked after young person or care leaver we can ensure there is a place in student accommodation waiting for you when you start university.

  4. Can you help me move into accommodation?

    Yes. If you are a looked after young person or care leaver we can help you with all aspects of the move so you get settled in to student life.

  5. Where will I stay during the summer break?

    If you’re not sure where to go over summer break, don’t worry; we can help you find somewhere to stay throughout the year.

  6. Can you liaise with my support workers or parents?

    With your consent, we are more than happy to speak to your Leaving Care Worker, Social Worker or parents and carers about the support you will receive at the University.

  7. Is financial support available to care leavers?

    If you are a looked after young person or care leaver under 25 and a UK full-time undergraduate student then you could be eligible for the Care Leavers' Scholarship.

  8. How do I access care leavers support?

    If you have indicated to being a care leaver on your UCAS application form or during the enrolment process we will contact you directly.

  9. What are NorthCLASS and NNECL?

    The University of Sunderland is a member of the Northern Care Leavers Activities and Student Support (NorthCLASS)