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Campaigns focus on aspects of the student journey identified by the University as a focus for cross-institution development. These themes may be identified from the outcome of surveys, from the evaluation of student achievements or in response to strategic initiatives. The themes for 2017 – 2018 focus on recognising student attainment and enhancing student achievement:

Assessment Literacy

Students depend upon their understanding of and familiarity with assessment processes in order to successfully demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

RAPID is our new approach to delivering campaigns, designed to provide accessible information and practical support to programme teams to tackle issues around campaign themes. RAPID will be delivered to all programme / subject teams as time-bound, 30-minute CPD sessions with a practical focus during 2018.

Alongside RAPID the CELT continues to produce a range of materials to support staff implement changes to assessment practices or to enable them to enhance student assessment literacy.


Assessment literacy (.pdf)

Assessment literacy infographic (.png)

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Email: celt@sunderland.ac.uk