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Why apply?


If you are a local, national, or transnational organisation, the Chartermark will signify to employees that you are an inclusive place to work. By gaining our free Positive Allies Chartermark, you are making a statement to not only your employees and volunteers, but you are showing the outside world that HIV stigma in employment is unacceptable and that your organisation values an inclusive ethos.

Being an inclusive employer means allowing all of your employees or volunteers to be as fully authentic in the workplace as they wish to be. For HIV+ people this means not having to hide or lie about their status. It means not having to disguise the fact that they take medication on a regular basis. It means not having to find an excuse to take time off for a medical appointment. It means being able to feel confident about talking only about the issues they may be experiencing with their condition.

Benefits of being a Positive Allies Employer

  • Employee wellbeing, attraction, recruitment, retention
  • Banner, logo, certificate
  • Resources
  • Access to free HIV/AIDS virtual training
  • Join the Positive Allies Alumni: support group/exchange of resources and information/joint events
  • Participate in World AIDS Day events organised by Positive Allies
  • Free copy of Roland Chesters’ book, Ripples from the Edge of Life.

Which organisations have already signed up to the Positive Allies Charter Mark?

  • North East Ambulance Service
  • ReportOUT
  • UPNorth Media
  • University of Sunderland
  • Risedale Sports and Community College
  • Warwick University

Contact us

Tweet us: @PositiveAllies

Email: positiveallies@gmail.com