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Case Study

Anonymous (USA)

"I found out I’m HIV+ at the end of April 2017. Initial doctor visit was an attempt to get on PrEP because I had just moved to a new city and was a bit more sexually active. You have a to have a bloodtest to get on it and mine came back that I was too late."

"I always heard the meds make you sick and I didn't want to lose my job so I applied for medical leave to cover myself. I got sick from the meds, lost some weight, and a supervisor who knew I was gay started asking around if I was sick because of AIDS. No knowledge I had found out I was positive. Just assumed since I was sick, looking sick, and gay then I must have AIDS. Filed a formal complaint with HR. Long story there. Basically told "it's really not that bad these days. Take some pills and you'll be fine. You really just need to see somebody to help deal with your emotions."

"Eventually couldn't face my co-workers out of shame/embarrassment and quit. Ended up losing my apartment and became homeless. Filed a complaint, went to mediation, got a very small settlement to keep my mouth shut. I spiralled for a couple years. After my work thing I became a hardcore IV drug user to numb my shame. Lived in my car for a year. Ended up moving back to the city my family lived in to get back on my feet. Now been back on my own in an apartment by myself. Good job. Life is pretty steady right now. But after my last experience, I'm terrified of any employer finding out."