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Case Study


ReportOUT is a global SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) human rights organisation based in Gateshead, United Kingdom. ReportOUT was established in 2019, with a team of passionate and committed volunteers and trustees. ReportOUT recently completed Level One of Positive Allies and are moving forward to gaining Level 2 next year, recognising the importance of this charter mark.

"On an international level, we research and document the lived experiences of SOGI people through using our global network of state based and grassroots organisations. In doing this, ReportOUT documents the lived experiences of SOGI people and communities in different nations across the globe. We use our research to inform the public, educate others and to influence global governments and organisations about SOGI human rights infringements and the lived experiences of people on the ground through our research.

"We are a charitable organisation and so we have a large volunteer team of people across the globe. Due to this, we are delighted to now be recognised that we are welcoming and inclusive to people living with HIV who wish to volunteer with us and who currently volunteer with us. Positive Allies is a visible symbol of this to all who volunteer with us. As an organisation, ReportOUT holds diversity and inclusion at the heart of what we do and we work hard to eliminate any stigma and prejudice within our organisation. Many disabilities such as HIV are invisible, and it is vital to get the message across that living with HIV should not mean facing stigma in their volunteering or in the workplace and it shows to everyone that we have both a trained team in HIV awareness and a visible champion to ensure that our work environment continues to be a safe place and to tackle HIV-related stigma."