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  1. 20February

    'The Politics of the Awards Ceremony: The ‘Goya’ Awards of the Spanish Film Academy, 2003 and 2004'

    Languages and Tesol research seminars

  2. 22February

    Cross-discipline Research Seminar Series

    Highlighting the amazing research at the UniversityPromoting Research CultureEncouraging networking

  3. 23February

    Research Fridays - 23 February 2018

    A monthly series of sessions designed to support and engage doctoral researchers.

  4. 28February

    Including and Involving Young People (under 18’s) in Hate Research

    CASS Public Lecture Series

  5. 6March

    Creative Lives: Mike Collier and John Kelham

    A series of lectures about how artists work, live and thrive in the arts and creative industries.

  6. 7March

    'Self-Access Language Centres and Language Learning at the Age of the Corporate Reform of UK Higher Education'

    Languages and Tesol research seminars

  7. 8March

    WORDS #VOTE100

    International Women's Day

  8. 12March

    It’s Not Written All Over Your Face

    Dr Louise Delicato will examine how people with Parkinson’s can find it difficult to recognise emotions from the facial expressions of others.

  9. 21March

    Exploring Postindustrial Urban Identities in the Cultural and Creative Industries

    CASS Public Lecture Series

  10. 21March

    ‘How the hell did this get on TV?’

    Naked dating shows as the final taboo on mainstream tv Reg Vardy 104A, Sir Tom Cowie Campus

  11. 25April

    “You Can Spot Them A Mile Off” – Slut-Shaming, Sex Education and Social Class

    CASS Public Lecture Series

  12. 26April

    'What's the Future of Public Health Research?'

    Sir Tom Cowie campus, Professor Jonathan Ling, Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing

  13. 14-16May2018

    Pint of Science: Sunderland 2018

    Plans are underway to run a science outreach/community learning festival for the first time in Sunderland next year - and they need your help.

  14. 16May

    'Live algorithms for music'

    Sir Tom Cowie campus Professor Michael Young, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

  15. 24May

    2nd International Research Symposium in Tourism Hospitality & Events – Contemporary Issues & Future Scenarios

    The symposium is organised by the Department of Tourism Hospitality and Events of the University of Sunderland, and the Centre for Research in Tourism Excellence (CERTE).

  16. 26-28June2018

    International Conference (THE INC 2018) Tourism Hospitality & Events in a Changing World.

    The conference is co-organised by the Universities of Derby and Sunderland, and the Centre for Research in Tourism Excellence (CERTE).